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SHOW TONKS – Takrai Tonkinese.

champagne point tonkinese, looks like my "Siot" Amber Abbitt. Animals: Domestic Cats. What others are saying Tonkinese - This cat blends the best features of its ancestors into one beautiful, medium-sized cat that proudly wears one of three coat patterns, each of which comes in four colors. Champagne Point Tonkinese Female. Regions 1-9: 11th Best Cat in Premiership GP, NW SEAFLOWER'S CRYSTAL ROSE Platinum Point Tonkinese Spay. Regions 1-9: 17th Best Cat in Premiership GP, NW B'SSA BINGO Champagne Mink Tonkinese Neuter. Tonkinese Links. QR code breed tag Breed Standard. Spay Champagne Point Tonkinese Female Born February 9, 2013 Granded May 5, 2017 at Seacoast Cat Club. GC TAKRAI PEPPER JACK Blue Point Tonkinese Male Born January 14, 2015 Granded September 18, 2015 at Garden State Cat Club. GC, BW, RW TAKRAI BABY BOK CHOY Platinum Mink Tonkinese Female.

Our CFA registered purebred Tonkinese kittens are extra special. in the first generation they come from very hardy original CFA registered Traditional Siamese and CFA registered Traditional Burmese blood lines and have since been bred true for sound health and an even disposition. Seaflower Tonkinese is very happy to announce our two CFA National Winners for 2017-2018! Grand Champion, Breed Winner, National Winner, Agility Master, SEAFLOWER'S AURORA BOREALIS, a platinum point Tonkinese female. "RORY" is CFA's 7th Best Cat in Championship, and Best of Breed Tonkinese.

Tonkinese males are large and noble,. Soon other colours were bred - Blue, Champagne and Platinum and even Honey Cinnamon and Fawn. In the UK the Tonkinese are recognised by the GCCF in Brown, Blue,. The Tonk is upwardly mobile and seeks the highest point. Guessing what color newborn Tonkinese kittens will be as adults is nigh impossible. You may be able to guess base color, especially if they will be natural, but their points are a whole different story. Because the color in their ears, nose, paws and tails is triggered by a heat difference between those areas and []. Essentially the patterns vary in the degree of contrast between the point colour and the body colour, with the 'Point' pattern exhibiting the highest contrast and the 'Solid' exhibiting the least. In each pattern the point colour remains the same but visually the points will appear darker where the points are seen against a lighter body tone.

Tonkinese kittens. Happy healthy home raised babies available only once per year. Bred for personality, intelligence, and good health, as well as stunningly beautiful appearance and overwhelming cuteness. Lots of cute kitten pictures including the amazing Ninja Kittens. General kitten and cat care, breeding and Tonkinese breed information. Minkitty Cattery, located in a western suburb of Cleveland on America's beautiful North Coast, is a small in home cattery raising only Tonkinese kittens. Minkitty's Tonkinese kittens are raised as a hobby and not as a business. Our hobby is showing Tonkinese in CFA Cat shows. Our Cats Although most of our breeding/show Tonkinesee are retired and now live with friends or family, they all have a special place in our hearts. This represents almost twenty years of breeding and showing Tonkinese. 20/05/2007 · Taken on May 20, 2007 All rights reserved About; Jobs; Blog; Developers; Guidelines; Help; Report abuse.

They can not be a Natural Solid, Blue Solid, Champagne Solid, or Platinum Solid. Some people think Tonkinese kittens are born all white. They are not. Tonks kittens are born in a variety of body color/shades. But their coat is uniform color. They lack the distinctive "point" color at birth. Maleka, Our Sweet Champagne Point Tonkinese. by Kris and William Winfield. Kindle $0.00 $ 0. 00. Free with Kindle Unlimited membership. Or $0.99 to buy. Tonkinese The Perfect Element: A Periodic Table Inspired Matte Soft Cover Notebook Journal to Write In. 120 Blank Lined Pages for Cat Lovers. One of the first real Tonkinese cat breeders, Margaret Conroy, was a Canadian who along with two American breeders did an enormous amount to produce and promote the Tonkinese cat breed. She worked tirelessly to spread the word about Tonkinese cats, and the breed was first given recognition by the Canadian Cat Association in 1974. 4 Apr 2016- Explore alicespinboards's board "tonkinese cats" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Tonkinese cat, Tonkinese and Cats.

While sparkling aqua eye color is often considered the defining characteristic of the Tonkinese, it is not the only eye color that a Tonkinese can have. Just as the mink pattern is halfway between the Siamese and the Burmese, so the aqua eye color is halfway between the sapphire blue of the Siamese and the green gold of the Burmese. champagne point tonkinese female b: kathy becker o: j. wayne crabtree. 10th best. buckeye cats sapphire platinum point tonkinese female b/o: mark amanns. 11th best. buckeye cats coco champagne mink tonkinese female b/o: mark amanns. 12 best purrmunn's courtney.

Tonkinese kittens can be active so two of them might be a good idea. Tonkinese kittens have the trademark habit of "kissing" on the neck and face of their owners. If there are members of your family that would like a dog but, you want a kitten, a Tonkinese kitten may be just what the vet ordered! Natural Point Tonkinese Female Born August 14, 2018 Sire: GC, BW, NW, Bond Boy M of Takrai Dam: Takrai Victoria. TAKRAI MARY Champagne Solid Tonkinese Female Born March 2, 2018 Sire: Helios Gotki Dam: Takrai Sumatra. TAKRAI MACCHIATO Natural Mink Tonkinese Female Born October 12, 2016. Platinum Mink Tonkinese Female Born July 5, 2013.

6 Jun 2016- Explore vkgutierre's board "Blue Point Tonkinese" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Tonkinese, Blue point and Tonkinese cat. Champagne Point Tonkinese is the same color and pattern as a Chocolate Point Siamese. Platinum Point Tonkinese is the same color and pattern as a Lilac Point Siamese. The Minks are the color pattern that is unique to the Tonkinese breed and comes with the famed aqua eyes. In CFA, all three patterns in all four colors of Tonkinese can be shown for. Tonkinese, a cross between the point colored Siamese, and the solid colored Burmese, come in three different body patterns. 1 Point Body Pattern: The point body pattern shows a resemblance to the Siamese, having lighter body colors and displaying a high contrast to the point.

Valentino, a Champagne Point Male Tonkinese kitten, is a real heartthrob! He is very affectionate and loving, enjoys socializing, is beyond friendly, and has a playful spirit! Want to know more? Visit us now at innocentia This Photo was uploaded by lynnasanch. "Very personal and professional assistance. An excellent experience.". Natural counter top Chickie, Natural Point Figment,. Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account? Sign Up. See more of Machick Tonkinese on Facebook. Log In. or. Create New Account. See more of Machick Tonkinese on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? or. Create New Account. Not Now. Related Pages. Mousebane Tonkinese Cattery. Pet Breeder. Luxuria. Base colors include Natural, Champagne, Platinum, and Blue. Coat patterns are point body off-white with shading relative to the point color, mink body rich, even, unmarked color and solid body slightly lighter color than point color with very little contrast between points and coat. Oscar is an extremely handsome Champagne Point Male Tonkinese, who is ready to go to his new "forever" home NOW! Champagne Point Tonkinese have lovely ivory coats, medium brown points, and beautiful sky blue eye color! Oscar has quite the personality, and will be a terrific companion kitty! He is very social, active, and curious.

ruddy Abyssinian female and platinum mink Tonkinese male. Four Paw-Haus Twiggy and Prairieridge Stormy champagne point and blue mink Tonkinese females. Photo courtesy: Robin. Prairieridge Soffie platinum mink Tonkinese female. Photo courtesy: Dominic. Prairieridge Taj and Suri champagne mink Tonkinese male and his Savannah pal. Photos. 1 Natural Point boy. 1 Natural Solid girl. 2002 was the first time we didn't have any Platinum kittens; the parents carry both recessive color genes and are Mink coat patterns, so they can have kittens in each of the four main Tonk color combinations-Natural, Champagne, Blue, and Platinum, and all three Tonkinese coat patterns-Mink, Point, and. The kittens on the left are all Champagnes - each in a different pattern. A Champagne Solid, Champagne Point, and Champagne Mink. All have the same point color but their body color and eye color varies. Although the eye color for each pattern is defined in the Tonkinese standard, the eye color is a range such there is overlap in reality. In case we have not yet met, and you are considering whether or not a Tonkinese from our farm is the choice for you, please stroll through the photos below of our kitty-family here, and see why they came to be known as 'love-cats'!

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